Liquor on Tap

Benefits of serving your cocktails on tap!

It's becoming more and more popular with bars all around. Some of the benefits include faster service, more consistent cocktails and bigger profits. Pre-batching cocktails allows bartenders to serve multiple drinks in a fraction of the time it would take to shake and garnish an individual glass. It makes the bartender’s job easier and gets cocktails into your hands mere seconds after you order. Plus, when cocktails are dispensed like beer, you can try a sample of your selection before you commit.

As you might expect, spirit-forward classics like the Manhattan and Negroni are easily tappable, and plenty of notable cocktail bars have caught on to the keg. Today, you’ll find everything from scratch-made tonics to tiki drinks gushing from spouts all over the country. Tell your craft beer to make way: these draft cocktails are staging a tap takeover.

liquor on tap