Importance of Line Cleaning and Maintenance
Liquid Logistics is a locally owned business in Austin Texas where they like to “Keep Austin Weird”, we like to “Keep Your Beer Clean” and your customers coming back!

Quality cleaning means quality beer!

We know the difference in taste of a draft beer that’s poured from a properly clean line, one not treated right or just plain dirty and so do your customers. Bad pours, lead to inventory, customers and money down the drain, and that’s no bueno!
“Many bars hire the services of professional line cleaners. They are the unheralded saints of the beer world—the ones who wake up at 3am to clean beer lines so you can enjoy a clean pint come happy hour.” – Bryan Buser

Quality the way it’s intended

“Beer brewing is a passion for all brewers and line cleaning is ensuring the beer tastes as the brewer intended. Line cleaning should be performed a minimum of every two weeks. Trace minerals, namely calcium oxalate, take a foothold in a beer line’s minor imperfections. This buildup is called beer-stone, and it’s the barnacle of beer. (Fun fact: calcium oxalate is also found in most human kidney stones.) Over time, beer-stone traps bacteria, mold, and yeast, and creates a miasma of bugs hell-bent on destroying the flavor of your beer. After two weeks, beer-stone can build to a point where these creatures begin to produce traces of off flavors.

Most people can’t begin to taste flaws this early for two reasons. One, the beer needs to soak up off flavors by sitting in the line. The first pint of the day may have some noticeable flaws, but if the beer is popular and the line continues to flow, it won’t be sitting on the beer-stone long enough to absorb bad flavors. Two, most people can’t detect flaws in such a trace amount.” Check out the full article written by Bryan Buser

The better your beer tastes, the more likely it is your customers keep coming back for more. That’s why it’s essential that you have your draft beer lines cleaned on a regular basis. At Liquid Logistics, our team of experts is skilled at cleaning and maintaining all kinds of draft beer systems. We appreciate the importance of having a clean and efficiently operating system, in order to ensure quality and prevent costly and inconvenient breakdowns.

Our commitment to our customers is why you can count on us to take care of all your beer tap cleaning needs. Whether your company utilizes a large, multi-tap remote system or a simple direct draw system, we’re fully equipped to provide you with the precise cleaning services your business requires. Please check out to learn more about the benefits and standard protocol of proper line cleaning.

In order to make sure your beer draft system is providing the peak performance your bar, restaurant, or brewery needs, contact Liquid Logistics at (512) 987-8096 for all your commercial beer line cleaning and maintenance needs. Call us today!